The Team

Once again our English Premier League predictions team will be led by James and Simon, undoubtedly leading pundits ever since the Premier Leagues’ conception over 20 years ago.

James has a Masters degree in Statistics, and has spent a lifetime sieving through and crunching key statistical data allowing James to spot trends and runs of form well before most other pundits. James spent several years working as a consultant for a number of top sides in the UK, his data allowing teams to improve on a number of elements in their game, including possession, set-pieces and team positioning when defending and attacking.

Simon, a Londoner, and arguably the Premier League’s biggest fan, has spent most of his life darting across England watching live football, sometimes even managing to see several live games over a single weekend. Simon has amassed an impressive reputation among the Premier League professionals giving him unique insight into most teams’ dressing rooms and training grounds. His raw passion for football and well-guarded contact list mean he has his finger on the pulse and rarely gets things wrong.

Following their impressive stats from the last couple of seasons we are extremely confident these two Premier League brainboxes will provide the winning formula and once again dish out the very best online predictions and betting tips.

Leading our Serie A and European predictions team this year is Massimo, an ex-professional footballer, with over a decade of playing time in the Serie A and also a short stint in the Bundesliga. After working with some of the best managers of his generation Massimo has acquired a unique portal into the Serie A, including all the behind the scenes shenanigans, which are rarely spotted by the media and fans alike. There are fewer experts out there with Massimo’s hands on experience and knowledge of the beautiful game.

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