The most important thing to remember this weekend is that the Champions League will resume next week, so the big teams may rest players. There are certain clubs that can afford to do this because of their lead in the league and others because they have nothing to lose, so the best football tips we can give is to wait and place your bets once you know who is playing, or to put your money on the players who will most certainly play.

In La Liga, the three top clubs are all playing in the Champions League next week. However, with Barcelona so close to Real Madrid at the top of the league, it will be very difficult for either side to rest players. Barcelona especially, as they have a difficult away game at Sevilla, who are a team challenging for the Champions League. Real Madrid are at home to Eibar, so they are more likely to rest key players, although Real have not been overwhelmingly convincing against weaker teams at home and have struggled in many games they would be expected to win.

If Ronaldo scored five goals last weekend, then can you rest him with that kind of form? Ronaldo always wants to play and how much would it do for his confidence if he managed to get another bag of goals in one game?

Atletico Madrid, on the other hand, are highly unlikely to win La Liga and are also in a good position for qualifying into next year’s Champions League. They are playing Real Madrid in the Champions League and they will be desperate for revenge, after coming so close to winning the tournament last year against Real. Atletico may very well rest players because they have much less to lose. So check the line-ups as close to kick off as possible.

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