Venezuela have a good team but nearly all Copa America predictions stated that Colombia would win their opening game against them comfortably before going on to challenge for the tournament. Instead, Colombia looked flat and toothless, with very few attacking ideas, which now leaves them in a dangerous position for qualifying into the next round.

The biggest concern for Colombia will be the anonymous performance from Radamel Falcao. Falcao has spent the season on loan at Manchester United where he has failed to perform well, only producing four goals for the club in almost 30 appearances. This should be contrasted with his time at Atletico Madrid, where he scored a goal in almost every game he played.

Falcao had a very bad injury last season which kept him out for the year. His physical condition, combined with his confidence, has seriously detracted from his ability to perform at the highest level. He may still be able to reach the heights he attained earlier in his career, but that renaissance will have to start sooner rather than later.

Falcao is the highest scorer in the Colombian national team history and he is still only 29 years old. All of the football rumours suggest that Falcao is about to secure a very lucrative transfer to Premier League champions Chelsea and the Colombian fans will be hoping that in his next game he performs in a way which is worthy of his legend.

Colombia can still rely on other key men such as James Rodriguez to provide them with goals, but if their main striker is still playing poorly, then the chances of Colombia winning the tournament will be non-existent. Colombia can still do well in the competition, but their fate is linked with Falcao’s form and Falcao’s form is currently not looking so good.

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