After Brazil’s thrilling comeback in the opening game of the tournament, most of the Copa America predictions listed Brazil as one of the favourites to win the competition. Brazil went into their second game of the competition against Colombia as clear favourites, but after a frustrating evening, they not only lost the match, but also their star player.

The Brazil game against Colombia was a very scrappy match with no team able to take control of the game. Colombia managed to score the winning goal after a deflected shot and Brazil failed to recover as they did in their opening game.

The frustration of the Brazilian team eventually boiled over with two players being red-carded after the final whistle. One of the players was Carlos Bacca and the other was Neymar. While the red card on its own would have been bad, the disturbance even continued into the dressing rooms which made the incident much worse.

As a result of the altercation, Neymar was handed a four game ban and will miss the rest of the tournament unless an appeal is successful. According to the referee’s report, Neymar accused the officials of seeking fame with their decisions and even resorted to using very abusive language inside of the dressing room area.

If Neymar had remained calm then he may have been given a reduced punishment, however it now seems that much like his Barcelona team-mate Luis Suarez, Neymar’s temperament has cost him the chance to play in the Copa America. Brazil still have a good squad of players, but there are no players more important to their country at the Copa America, as Neymar is to Brazil.


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