Radamel Falcao has had to endure the two toughest seasons of his professional career in recent years. Last season, he was injured for almost the entire year after receiving major ligament damage and this season his loan-spell at Manchester United has been very poor by his high standards. Those making Copa America predictions saw Falcao as a major threat, but his poor form goes on.

Falcao has gained a reputation as one of the deadliest finishers in world football. Before his transfer to Monaco, he had a record of almost scoring a goal for every game he played and winning many major trophies, including the UEFA cup. It is only in the last few seasons that his aura of invincibility has begun to fade.

Falcao has often been regarded as being in the same league as Messi and Ronaldo, and his scoring record at Atletico Madrid will stand by that. However, this season at Manchester United he has appeared sluggish and indecisive, failing to take control of the game and get himself into scoring opportunities.

The form of Falcao has transferred over to the Copa America, where he was recently substituted after an hour after a boring 0-0 draw with Peru. Falcao once more showed a detached performance in this game, struggling to make his presence felt in the same way he has done previously.

Chelsea are apparently in advanced talks with Monaco regarding a loan deal but many Chelsea fans are concerned that he will not improve their squad. Colombia are still in the competition but they must now face Argentina in the quarter-finals. A good performance in this game will re-establish Falcaoโ€™s reputation, but a poor showing is sure to hamper the next step in his career.

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