Brazilian fans at this year’s Copa America 2015 predict big things for their team and will be desperate for their nation to put on a good display. Brazilโ€™s overwhelming power in South American football has been undeniable in recent years, with victory in the tournament seeming inevitable for the Brazilians and their samba style of football.

In recent decades, Brazil have almost had a monopoly on winning the event – good tip for sports betting. That was until the 2011 tournament, when Uruguay won an impressive victory, marking a new age in South American football and the end of Brazilian dominance. Uruguay beat Paraguay in the final, shifting the balance of power in the Americas, which now sees most of the teams on an equal footing.

Brazil will be desperate to gain back the trophy that they have held for so long, however, as Brazil showed in their recent Olympic final with Mexico, the overpowering prowess of the Brazil national team is not what it was a decade ago. Success in this years tournament is essential for Brazil to remain the main sporting brand in South American football.

A major problem that Brazil have is a lack of defensive strength and reliability. Silva is an excellent centre-back who can always be relied upon, however, the rest of the defence is not so dependable and the defensive line-up does not naturally pick itself.

After Brazil performed so poorly in Copa America 2011, coupled with their 2012 Olympic final defeat to Mexico, Brazilian football is currently in the midst of a crisis. Competing with South American teams who are hungry, well organised and who each have flair players of their own, Brazil will have to put in a good performance or else they will begin to lose their feared reputation.


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