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Premier league Predictions

The premier league is well underway for the 2016 season, and things are heating up. Man City is in a three-way tie for first, sharing that position with Man United and Chelsea point wise even though it is Man city showing in first, with Man United in second and Chelsea is third. Everton is holding fourth, and Hull is in fifth place but with Middleborough and Tottenham close behind, the tables could very well turn for each of these clubs. What is interesting is that the odds predictors are suggesting that Man City has a 15% chance to win this season and while Man United is sharing the first place positon, there odds are a little less with only a 13% chance. Surprisingly, Arsenal, who currently is in 8th place has a higher percentage of it being at 14%.

As we look further at the current stats, predictions suggest that Chelsea, Liverpool, and Leicester all fall under the 10% mark for winning this year. While Chelsea is currently tied with for first with Man City and Man United, it is other contributing factors that reduce their odds of success for 2016.
Chelsea squashed Burnley on the 27th with a 3 goal win to help their position as did Man City with a win over West Ham yet Man United lost to Hull. The week saw a number of upsets and as a result, positions changed, yet was one of success for many. September will prove a telling sign with matches between Man United and Man City, two teams tied for first.

As the league deadline approaches, there are ten trades to watch, and these could very well shake up how the predictions remain or change. Arsenals Jack Wilshere is one who may be traded but team manager Wenger is not keen to allow this to happen, yet interest seems high. Moussa Sissoko did well at this year’s Euro 2016 and has expressed interest in being traded, as had Saido Berahino, yet has also expressed a desire to remain with West Bromwich. Liverpool’s Mamadou Sakhpo recently rejected deals with Stoke and West Brom after being advised he can go on loan as he is not part of Liverpool’s first team plans. In other trade news, Deportivo La Coruna signed with Arsenal for a reported £17.1m.

With the season still in the middle of things, it is a safe bet to suggest that predictions will change as will the percentages to win, especially when you are dealing with a 3-way tie for first. A large number of those changes will depend on of trades and how they relate to the general vibe with the teams they affect. However, it is the teams near the bottom who are facing the hardest decisions as they struggle to find their place and produce results. Teams struggling include Stoke, Watford, Bournemouth and Crystal Palace, whether they find their place and can close the season with improved results remains to be seen.

EPL Predictions

The 2016 EPL is underway and well into the swing of things. The predictions are running high, and if you look towards those at the top, Man City has excellent results with an average of three goals scored per game when at home and 4 when away. It is easy to see why they lead the league and sit in first place.
Yet, with Man United right behind them with similar results, Man City will need to keep on their toes to hold the first place position. However, if you look at the top three, neither are close to achieving the same results as Man city and the 2016 season is looking considering in their favor with predictions that the club will win the season overall. Man City is a close third but Arsenal is placing second in predictions and when you consider they are currently down in eight place that is somewhat surprising.

Recent polls have fans predicting Man United will win over Man city in its upcoming match as do they predict Arsenal will succeed over Southampton. The upcoming game between Bournemouth and West Brom has fans believing Bournemouth will prove successful and take the match as they do for the Hull/Burnley match with Burnley predicted as the successor. Other matches to pay attention to include Middleborough and Crystal Palace, Stoke vs. Tottenham, West Ham again Watford, Liverpool vs. Leicester and Swansea again Chelsea.

When looking at the positon of other clubs, the results to date are not favorable. Tottenham, sitting in 7th overall, has a prediction of 11% for winning this season, Liverpool and Leicester are tied with a 7% chance overall, and Chelsea has 8% odds predicted.

However, as the season pushes forward, with trading coming to a close in the weeks ahead, it is seeing some changes that may shake things up and see some of those results changes in coming games. At this point, there are several to watch with Everton’s James McCarthy being one. The midfielder may be traded if offers are attractive enough. Wilfried Bony has not impressed team managers for his style of play with West Ham and Everton showing interest. Liverpool’s Mario Balotelli has had a poor showing after being loaned to the club and has been looking to be moved all season.

The season will prove interesting, to say the least, and while the usual top rated clubs are leading, it is more interesting to see how the other clubs push ahead, make changes and look to improve results in the coming games ahead. How this will affect the clubs in question remain to be seen but with moves on the horizon, it is safe to suggest some of those near the bottom are set to be on the move.